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Topics specific to the scripting and development of Library Parts and Libraries using Param-O or the Geometric Description Language – GDL. (Example: How do you use “REQUEST” GDL commands?)

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By anu
Dear All,
We are creating some custom library objects through LPM Archicad24.
As we wanted objects to have some parametric text along with the object in plan view, we created a text parameter along with parameter script. It works well when tested in 2D view of the object.
The problems are,
1. The object does not display that text when inserted in a project.
2. The Object Selection Setting dialogue does not show the variable with the drop-down list.
Please guide us, how to covert the objects made through LPM to behave as ones created through GDL or Save Selection As library part.
Hi anu,

Did you add the code to the object saved by LPM?
I think it can't handle parametric components, the user guide says:
- Draw 2D symbol(s) using any 2D ARCHICAD tool (except Text tool).
- Any Library Parts used in your 2D symbols should be exploded to 2D primitives
By anu
Hello Peter Baksa,
Sorry for very very late response. But I had foud out.
Go to 2d Script> Find the symbol where you want to add text> Add script
It works.
See below.

Code: Select all
"electrical symbol":

	DEFINE STYLE NSCA Arial, 2, 8, face_code
	TEXT2 0,-0.1,gs_list_custom1

Anyway thanks for response and very sorry to be late.