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By DaniMa
Hi. Does anyone know if you can open a pln file in Demo mode? We have a Network license which enables 3 users to use Archicad in the office at the same time. However, sometimes people need to open a model just to look at it or get some detail information (and won't need to save or even actually model anything). But if they open their file first it uses one of the licenses and then we get them to close down, get the other person to open, then get them to open again in Demo mode. Just wondering if there is a way to just open the file in Demo mode to start with?
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By Barry Kelly
The only way I know how to do this is to disconnect your network license from that machine while you start Archicad.
The easiest way to do this other than stopping the Codemeter software is to disconnect the network cable (and turn of wifi if you use that).
Once Archicad has started in demo mode then re-connect the cable.

By DaniMa
Thanks Barry

It seems this is about the same effort as our current procedure, so I guess we'll just keep doing that. Thanks for the response.