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By DrWho
As each new version of AC came out and I upgraded I just used the layout on my monitor that was the default (just being lazy). I have now decided that I would like to change the layout to something with less clutter/info.
In the picture below is the default AC21 scheme and I would like to eliminate the "tabs" (for lack of a better name) that run across the bottom. After digging around the AC Help pages it seemed to me that I need to access a popup window named "Setup List Schemes". The only problem I am having is that to open that window the user must click on the "Setup List Schemes command" which I can't find anywhere on the project screen view, menus, etc. Can anyone explain how I can make the changes necessary as per above or how to find the command?
Best Regards.


Actually, the command you are looking for is Window > Show/Hide Quick Options Bar; in the Help files see: ARCHICAD 21 Reference Guide > Configuration > The ARCHICAD User Interface > Quick Options Bar.