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In Archicad 22 my shadows appear to be behaving strangely.
1 . The elevation settings don't seem to switch the shadows on as they should, and
2 . Even although the Project Location settings are correct, the shadows appear to come from the wrong direction. From the north instead of the south.
Just checking, but in your elevation settings (each elevation) do you have the "Viewpoint sun settings" set to "As in 3D window"?
I think this may just affect the viewpoint in the 'Project Map' and possibly not the 'View' in the View Map.
The 'view' saves the settings of the 'view point' when the view is created, so you may have to open the 'View settings' and press the 'Update from current window' button.
I would have to test this to be sure, but I am pretty sure that is what is going on.