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I got an error while installing archicad 22 although all ativirus is turned off. the installation process still running afterward and finished but I can't start the application, it stucked in opening image and then disappear. i've checked the task manager and the application still running in the background. please help. thank you
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ARCHICAD actually needs BIMx to be properly installed for it to run. Based on the error message I would guess that it is possible that BIMx was installed on this computer previously, but was not uninstalled properly. As a result, when you install ARCHICAD 22, and it tries to uninstall the previous version of BIMx to replace it with the new one, it can't find the uninstall exe, so it can't finish the uninstallation - thus can't replace it with the new one.

Please check whether you can find an installed version of BIMx in the given folder (from the error message). If the uninstall.exe is actually there, but the installation doesn't work, then it might be damaged. In any case, get the uninstall.exe from another computer (on which AC22 works properly), place it at the given location, and see if the installation goes through without an error this time. (note: run the installer multiple times, because when you first run it, it might still run into the error, and then maybe the second or third time it will work properly with the new uninstall.exe).

Let me know how it went.

I have the same proble and i’m so desperate, The archicad it’s installed correctly from the first time from a formatted pc, and everything goes well, but at some point the archicad runs in a second plane and never ends to opens :shock: . So then I uninstall an I get into these loop, please help me !!!! :shock: