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By rm
Mojave has been out for since Sept. Graphisoft still shows 10.13 as the approved Mac OS for ArchiCAD 22 on their website. Does anyone know if Graphisoft has any reasonable delivery date scheduled for the release of a Mojave ready AC22?

I have several other major pieces of software that are ready to use with Mojave, but I concerned to make the switch before AC22 is ready for it.

Thank you!
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By Karl Ottenstein
Hi Robert,

AC 22 (and 21) are supported in Mojave with the most recent product updates.

That said, there is a reported issue where the File Open, Save, Save As etc dialogs within ARCHICAD perform slowly with the current release AC 22 build 4023:

For general Graphisoft Mojave info, see:
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By rm
Thanks for your reply Karl!

What seems confusing to me is that on the Graphisoft US site, Graphisoft only recommends Sierra and High Sierra for AC22. There is no mention of Mojave being recommended in conjunction with AC22 without a "fallback" to the previous OS. That is not a solution most people would want to rely on.

The text below is copied directly from the link you provided concerning AC/22 & Mojave.....

"There might still be some incompatibilities that hasn't surfaced yet though. If we receive reports of any new issues that hasn't been fixed, we will publish them here, and try to fix everything in the next Update of ARCHICAD 21 (80xx) and 22 (50xx). Until then, only update to macOS 10.14 if you have the option to roll back to macOS 10.13"

The errors you mentioned with AC22/Mojave seem to reinforce my point here.
By DGSketcher
I have grumbled elsewhere about this. It looks like the next (50xx) update may be January, by which time Mac OS will be a quarter of the way towards its next release and AC will be 8 months closer to the v23 release, yet we still don't have a "compatible" AC22 release to work on the Mojave OS. It's not like GS don't know when Apple will release their next update... AC23 should be ready to run on Mac OS 10.15.1 at public release date! For some of us there is pressure to keep Mac OS and iOS in sync. Not to mention the benefit of new features and protection against vulnerabilities that comes from the updates.
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By Karl Ottenstein
I didn't read closely enough, Robert. Thanks for catching that. Personally, I've put off upgrading to Mojave... and will continue to wait based on your reading - or at least until I make both a bootable clone of High Sierra and/or a High Sierra virtual machine...
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By Karl Ottenstein
... a bootable clone of High Sierra and/or a High Sierra virtual machine...
Just wanted to share that AC 22 does NOT run adequately in a High Sierra virtual machine using Parallels Desktop 14 (newest version). AC 22 requires OpenGL 3.3 or higher, which Parallels does not support in its virtual environment. (Some online posts suggest that VMWare Fusion may support OpenGL better.)

A bootable clone of my High Sierra machine launched AC 22 fine. So, I continue to recommend making a bootable clone prior to any MacOS upgrade if anyone is concerned about running into post-upgrade issues and still being able to quickly get back to work. Some online discussions even suggest applying the (Mojave) update to the clone (or a copy of the clone) to test all functionality before upgrading the actual system disk.