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By gotphish001
Does anyone have a link to the download for archicad 22 solo? It's not on graphisoft website after me repeating telling them it isn't for months. The link they sent me to it that did work a few months ago now sends me to a download for 21 solo. Ugh! I love this product but they make it so hard to just get it. I emailed graphisoft but they might be a while to respond. I'd like to get the install going now if someone has a link that works handy.
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By Barry Kelly
lech1982 wrote:
Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:56 pm

Just got new license and it came with the link. ... 22Solo/UKI

That will be a link to the 22 UKI (English/Irish) version.

What ever the link is, just try changing the version number and country to what you want.
I can get 'AC22Solo/USA' with no problem just by changing the URL.