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By marzacstefania
I have recently tried to install archicad 19 on my laptop, at the end of the installation process my desktop starts flickering and all commands freeze. I can only acces task manager through shortcuts and i managed to uninstall it, fter this the issue disappeared. Does anybody know why is this happening? I also have archicad 22 on my laptop and it works just fine. Thank you!
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By SeRohde
Hi marzacstefania,

could you provide us some information on your Laptop like Operating System and the Hardware your Laptop has? Otherwise it will be hard for us to have a guess whats causing this.
Whats the Processor?
How much RAM?
Graphics card:
- Which Model is it?
- Is it a Dedicated OpenGL 2.0 compatible?

Most interessting to know for me would be the version of the installed Driver for your graphics card and
What AntiVirus have you installed and did you disable it while installing AC19?

Out of the blue i suggest to read this: ... 9/INT.html
and this