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Hello everyone!

I've recently change my computer to MacBook (2018 MacBook Pro with Mojave update) and I wanted to install Archicad on it. I am studying so I applied for student version, I got the licence, downloaded matching software ( INT 22 version for Mac). And here starts the problem. As I am typing the serial number the 'OK' sign shows, but right after I click "Restart ArchiCAD" there is error with information "Serial number validation failed". I tried several times, restarting computer, checking if the serial number fits, but everything is ok.

I also tried:
installing PL Archicad 22 for Mac - same error
Installing 21 Archicad - it is also showing same error

I really don't know what is the problem, I'm thinking maybe there is some issue with archicad connecting to server and Mac is blocking it... But I couldn't find any proof for that on the internet so please help :(
Zrzut ekranu 2018-11-11 o 22.57.54.png
Zrzut ekranu 2018-11-11 o 22.57.41.png

Are you still having this problem?

You said that first it accepts the license and then next time you start it gives you an error, but I can only see 2 pictures of the license activation (one that fails, one that doesn't).

What error message do you get? can you send a picture of it?
Where do you get the second picture? (where the activation fails)


I know it seems very trivial, but it is worth checking, because most of the times this is the solution:
  • Please make sure when you choose to enter a license number that you choose "Educational License", and not "Trial License". It is easy to make this mistake, and if you enter an EDU code for the Trial dialog, it will not work.
  • When you copy-paste the license number, it can easily copy unnecessary spaces and dashes with it, so please make sure to double-check, that everything is entered correctly.
  • If there has been a delay between entering the license number for your first and second computer, it is possible that the license is already expired.
  • It is possible that you accidentally installed a different version on your computer (e.g. the International, the New Zealand, the USA, and the UK version are all english, but they require different licenses. make sure you have the right version installed and you have a license for the same version.
If none of the above work, please send me your e-mail address in a private message (the one you used to register on, so that we can check your license availability in the system.