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Hey there, I am having an issue where I have an EDU license, but every time I open archicad it is telling me that my trial license is over and can only open the demo version... I have uninstalled and reinstalled the programme bu that didnt seem to do the trick. I have also tried getting into the License Manager programme but I dont understand the difference between the activation and serial keys... Could someone please help, Im desperate as im using this for an assignment!

Thank you very much for the question and I am very sorry about the experience!

When you activate a trial license, a file called trial.lic is created in the following location:

on macOS: users/shared/ARCHICAD/AC_xx_xxx/
on Windows: C:\Program Data\ARCHICAD\AC_xx_xxx\

By deleting this file, Archicad will ask for entering a new license when you start it, from here you can enter your new Educational license.

Please let me know if it helps with the issue!

Best regards,

Thank you for the feedback! Glad to hear that Archicad is running now.

Unfortunately, the Trial file can only be converted to Full using a commercial license on the same machine where the file is made. I will send you the instruction in a Private Message for this case.

Best regards,