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As many of you know, ARCHICAD is now available also with software key.
Graphisoft has released CodeMeter enablers for ARCHICAD 10, 11 and 12 (pre-CodeMeter versions) that now also support Software keys so it enables you to run these earlier versions of the program even if you have switched to Software key protection.

Here is the download link: ... #CMEnabler

This way you can use the current plus any of the previous 9 versions of the program with a software key as well.
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Thanks for the info, Laszlo. That makes it a lot more viable for long-time users.

My only worry with soft license is, what happens if you suffer a sudden HDD crash or need to reinstall the OS without getting a chance to return your license to the company pool?
Both hardware keys and software keys have their pros and cons.
After some consideration, I decided to keep my hardware key, mainly to be able to use ARCHICAD on more than one computers, if needed (not at the same time, of course).
laszlonagy wrote:Both hardware keys and software keys have their pros and cons.
This is a definite +1 for the software key.

Now, if only they'ed make it possible to Remotely transfer the key. :roll:

I'm sticking with the hardware key too (It's very convenient
to switch back & forth between laptop and desktop).

My guess is... at some point in the near future, we won't have the option
of a hardware key. :x
What I would like for the software key to have is -Pre-Appoved Computers- like iTunes and SketchUp. This means that I can approve my desktop and laptop and as long as I am not using AC in both machines at the same time then I don't have to do the register/de-register dance.