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Using Archicad 21 on OS X El Capitan,

because of space issues I had to move my user files from "Macintosh HD" partition to "Privat" Volume on my HD.
I can open .pln normaly but when trying to open a teamwork project I get a message:
Error during file creation: Error during file creation: /::<V-100>Macintosh HD/Users/jb/Library/Application Support/GRAPHISOFT/TW Data/AC-21.0.0//CacheInfo.xml

I checked the file locations under the "data safety and integrity" and "Special Folders", everywhere shows the right location, i.e. on "Privat" Volume, same is under "Teamwork - Local Data Manager"
Any idea how to solve this without reinstalling the whole program again.
up.1: I reinstalled, but the problem is still here.
up.2: SOLVED
- found the solution by trial and error:
first I found that I cannot change Teamwork Local Data folder location,
so I closed AC, and delete folder "TW Data" from "users/userXY/Library/Application Support/GRAPHISOFT/
the folder was automatically recreated when opening it a new