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By baukunst
It seems like every time I update to a new macOS, I have problems with ArchiCAD. I am currently running 22 on 10.13.6. I awoke this morning and decided to move to Mojave, and spent the morning organizing my machine getting ready to install Mojave. I am glad I found this post before giving myself a headache and more frustration and work. I am going to stick with High Sierra for now. I appreciate and agree wholeheartedly with rm's post on January 2nd. I too appreciate that Graphisoft is running a business, but they are able to because of us. The yearly updates are very weak for what we pay. We should at least be able to upgrade our operating systems in a timely manner and have ArchiCAD work. I don't think that's too much to ask.
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By dkovacs

I just wanted to let you know, that we have updated our article on Help Center with some new entries, and also with a statement that it is about time that we can say it is safe to update to macOS 10.14.

I get your criticism and frustration about this topic. In my previous message the reason I was trying to make a difference between "compatible" and "supported", was because while they are similar, they don't mean the same thing.

With the first update after the official release of macOS, ARCHICAD became compatible with it, meaning that it had no known/serious issues or incompatibilities. But since ARCHICAD is an extremely complex software, and the main production tool for huge companies, we won't be able to say that we support moving a production environment to the new OS, until we have enough data about it.

Unlike a more simple software (such that states they support macOS from the day of the release) if we find a serious issue that didn't come out during our preliminary tests, we can't issue updates and small fixes as quick, and if it affects production, that is a serious halt in the daily work of entire offices.

In this regard I don't think we are pushing out an unfinished software, but AC22 was developed and tested on macOS 10.13, and was released for that version. Yes, like every software, AC22 also had issues when it was released, but we are constantly working on making our QC processes better and faster to reduce the number of these issues to a minimum and to release more reliable updates. We might fall short on this sometimes, but based on your feedback, we are trying to improve it. But the issues are usually not related to the operating system the software was released for.