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By Jacques Toerien

Not sure where to post this, but I'm after install media (PPC) for my PowerMac G4. I had to replace the system drive but my install media were all left behind in South Africa in 2003.

Is there anywhere I can download the .dmg install files? The hotfixes are still on the Downloads section but alas, not install media.


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By Barry Kelly
I can only find downloads back to version 10 online.
You might have to contact your local Archicad distributor.
Or find someone local that has been using Archicad (MAC version) for some time and may still have the installation discs laying around.

The problem is this software is almost 20 years old now and I don't think it was ever delivered digitally.
So finding someone with the installation discs may be your only hope.

By Jacques Toerien
Thanks Barry, I'll hold out for a few days then try my local distributor.
By Jacques Toerien
I couldn't get hold of any media. Not a problem as the G4 is now no more, it has gone to silicon heaven. :)