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By Bob Moore
Another Monday morning and I've spent over 2 hours trying to get Archicad to load.
I've started keeping track of this and in the last month, I have spent over 10 hours getting the software to recognize the hardware key. That means 10 billable hours a month are wasted due to a product that simply has become a burden instead of an asset.

Instead of all the new bells and whistles from R&D just give me something that works. I've been using Archicad since version 7, and for the first time, I looking for an alternative.
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By Barry Kelly
Is it just a specific version of Archicad that is not starting. or is it all versions.
Is it trying to start in demo mode even though you have the USB key plugged in or is it just not starting at all?

If it will only run in demo mode with the key plugged in, have you used the License Manager to check the key?

If the key is not being recognised then I would suspect a problem with your USB port (try another one if you can), or maybe a problem with the key itself (can you try it on another machine or do you have the opportunity to try another key?).

Or maybe re-install the latest Codemeter drivers.
Easiest way to do this is to download the latest version of License Manager and re-install it.

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By Erwin Edel
Just a hunch, but if you've been using the key for years (I see you've been using AC as far back as AC7), maybe it has issues.

We've been switched to a software key a few years back and so long as the machine running the license with the software key downloaded doesn't die on you, it's a very smooth experience.
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By Bob Moore
I replaced the key last year, when issues first started.

I had to restart the CPU twice but it finally loaded. that usually works, just a pain.