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I just did both updates and now 19, 21, 22, 23 crash after the splash screen. I reinstalled Java as I've had issues in years past with it messing with AC startup.

Anyone else having like issues? Or did the weekend just start a bit early for me? ... -kb4524147 ... -framework
Still dead in the water here. No one else has had an issue?

Seems like Autodesk has issues at times with .net too. Although I'm assuming this is the issue.

Currently using the Window Repair Tool to reinstall/repair Windows to fix this.
Welp, Windows wanted to restart again and after it booted I checked what it installed: .net Framework 3.5 and 4.8 update.

Now -

AC19: splash screen comes up fine, crashes after

AC21: works fine

AC22: splash screen comes up fine, I see the program window in the background, then crashes

AC23: works fine
Uninstalled 22 and went to download a new copy (thought I had saved installer last year, but I must have deleted it at some point). The AC22 download page now shows the Windows version size as 'N/A' and there is no download link.

Really feeling screwed this morning. :x
Karl, no I gave up on Microsoft support years ago. Everything is finger pointing at the other application, check with them kind of thing.

Barry, thanks for the heads up. I did just apply an update this morning and 22 is back working. :D