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Jeff Kogut wrote:
Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:16 pm
Karl, no I gave up on Microsoft support years ago. Everything is finger pointing at the other application, check with them kind of thing.

LOL. I didn't even consider Microsoft support.

I meant Graphisoft North America tech support - available by phone or email for these kind of issues.
We had 3 AC22 work stations crash as a result of KB4524147. Symptoms as described above. The only fix we found was (1) prevent the updates on our remaining stations and (2) roll back the windows update on the affected machines.

But we can't turn off Windows Updates forever. Does anyone know if the issue has been fixed? I don't want to allow the evil empire to mess up our workflow!

And has the problem affected AC23 as well? The other solution may be quick adoption of the new release.
Thw problem is that Windows 10 1903 updates a lot of Video Drivers , and some are not compatible with archicad algorithms. The problem occours in all archicad versions, including 23. I resolved it forcing archicad to use my onboard Intel Graphic card, instead of radeon (faster). I think that with next archicad updates i can turn back to radeon card again.