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I recently upgraded to ARCHICAD 23 - for those who have done so there is a new splash screen with three buttons at the top; New, Browse, and Teamwork

I hit Browse and the program just freezes or bug splats

Has this happened to anyone else?
I see you are using Windows 7.

That is not a supported OS for 23, so that could be the issue.
It may run for the most part but little things like this may not work.
As far as I know 23 has not been tested on Windows 7.

benjamin_chan wrote:
Wed Oct 09, 2019 6:18 am
That's pretty frustrating. Have to upgrade to Win10 for half the office just for AC23!

Frustrating, but understandable.
If you aren't upgrading your operating system, you shouldn't expect new software to function on it.

Just like we shouldn't expect old versions of Archicad to run on the latest operating systems.

Each Archicad version may work on many OS versions, but each is only designed and tested on specific OS versions.

I don't know for sure that is the problem in your case - just an assumption on my part.
Does the same crash happen for all Windows 7 machines in your office?
If yes then I would say it is a pretty safe assumption that you would need to upgrade your OS.
It could well mean that you may have to upgrade some hardware as well.

I have just installed Archicad 23 on my laptop that is running Windows 7.
I am not getting the browse freeze or bug report (although it does take a few seconds to continue).

However I am getting the following error message pop up.
The files that it shows (which have more than one dot (.) in the name - unusual) can't be found on my system.
Archicad continues to run though and I haven't come across any other issues yet.

I will have to have a chat to my IT guys to see about upgrading to Windows 10.