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By DGSketcher
I started preparing for the inevitable installation of Catalina and thought I should do some clearing out of old files etc. I approached the Graphisoft application folder which has been accumulating releases back to v15. Following the guidance I found the uninstall application, which I launched, only to be then then faced with Java compatibility issues. Oh, well I moved on from v15 to the next release, same issue... all the way up to and including AC21. I didn't want to remove v22 for obvious reasons at this time, not that I have any serious issues with v23. The good news is "Starting with ARCHICAD 22 there is no need for Java runtime environment for installing ARCHICAD."

Apparently there is some process available on the GS site that involves installing legacy Java apps** which no doubt will make even more of a mess on my hard drive. Oh well, looks like a fresh and probably much needed OS installation is on the cards...