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By Belak1
I use AC 23 demo version, when start AC 23, software are crash and start bug reporter. Uninstall not work. Repair dont work.
4 time install and reinstall in past 2 weks. Not working. Please help.

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Win 10 Pro 1903
Intel i5-6400-CPU@2.70GHz
Radeon RX470
The web is filled with reports of problems with the Windows 10 version 1903 update. I'm guessing that is the issue, although Graphisoft is actually recommending version 1903 here:

(Personally, I've stayed on 1809 until I stop hearing bad things about 1903.)

I'm not seeing any discussion of 23 and 1903 on these forums, so you may want to contact Graphisoft Tech Support (which this forum is not). I've changed the subject of this thread to include '1903' to see if that prompts any useful feedback for you.