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Everything about GDL - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: I created an object that prints an error message in 3D all the time, please help!)

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Hi there Graphisoft,

I don't know where to put object this post in the forum, since I don't know where library object wishes belongs.

I have been working around inline GDL objects, and I have found few things that may be you should consider improving them.

  1. Inline MEP object must be made from scratch, since that I have found out that:
    1. They may be composed of more that 2 connections points, such as a duct damper that have a small apparatus that controls/informs the current state of the damper, thus they need another connection for electric or electronic connections.
    • In ArchiCAD standard MEP objects, if you insert an inline object (I used the round damper) in the duct, it functions perfectly, until you specify another diameter only for the damper, which will lead to it lose it's connection with the duct.
  • There is a little bit mix up between ConWidth definition for circular sections, and EU norms. EU norms (correct me if I´m wrong) defines the nominal diameter of tubes as their outer most diameter, thus ConWidth should be that of the outer diameter, not the net diameter after subtracting their walls
And thank you for listening.
Hi Moonlight,

Thank you for those comments.
Let me see if I understand the two issues correctly:
1. Currently there is no way to add more than two connections to inline elements, but it would be useful to do so to add electrical connections to mechanical equipment. I understand that why this could be important, but also I believe that the electrical and mechanical models are usually separate ones, where this connection might not be needed.
2. DN (Diameter Nominal) is the inner diameter of pipes in EU standards
Thank you for replying,

About point no. 1, so in case that I have to model a HVAC damper with an optional micro switch (by user's choice), and with varying currents (AC or DC, with their different options), how should I have proceeded ?
Right now, unfortunately I believe there is no way to do what you want to do.
Isn't hotlinking an electrical model into the mechanical model a solution for this? Is the only solution is to do it in one model? If yes, why do you need it in one model?
Look, my work is to provide modelling and BIM data to GDL objects.

So, since the object has HVAC and Electric Data provided by the manufacturer I tried various approaches, one of them is dividing the HVAC and the electric equipment as two separate objects, but the disadvantages are:
1. Who ever would put the HVAC element may forget to include the micro switch.
2. Who ever put the microswitch may not be aware of it's connection with the damper.
3. The manufacturer provides the microswitch and the damper as one element.

So that is the reason that I had to ask since I wasn't aware of a similar case.

The only satisfactory solution that I found with the current limitations (although I hoped for a better one) was that, to create an extra hotspot that isn't a MEP connections and that that the user would copy the data he need from the object to the tube or wire that would be connected to it.