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By Dave Seabury
Cadimage had a free vehicle tracking curve object that I downloaded at
one time, but now can not find. Did anyone else download a copy that they
would be willing to share?


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By Barry Kelly
Graphisoft have a bunch of 'Turning Curves' on the BIM Components portal.
Have you tried those?

By Dave Seabury

Yes I have, they work great but the angles are fix and of course I need
an angle that is not in the object.

Thanks though

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By Zak
I know it is an old post, but I need to do tracking in Archicad 19.
Archicad show this as a feature object, but it is nowhere to be found. Anyone else found this? ... kets-only/

Here is a simplistic one by Cadimage, but not good enough for what I want to do.
By Dave Seabury

Do an object search for " turning curves"

Turning Curves.JPG
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By griggadee
What happened with to the tracking curve add-in that used to exist? Is it available for download or purchase anywhere? I have as copy in my ArchiCAD library, but the functionality seems to have stopped working, i.e. the car cannot be dragged along the tracking curve as before. Really annoying. Any help would be greatly appreciated.