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Everything about using Libraries and Library Parts - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: How can I display a Transom above my Door?)

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does anybody know where I can find a slider window with a large fixed center and 2 smaller operable side sashes?
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A few people have asked for this arrangement which is not currently possible with GS windows. I think CI Windows and Infinite Openings can do this. The maker of Infinite has posted links on other threads.

I don't want to get your hopes up as I know the USA library is quite different to the INT library when it comes to doors and window.
I have the AUS library which I believe is based in the INT library (it may have some differences).

In it, we have a 3-sash sliding window - do you have this?

window_3_sash.jpg (130.5 KiB) Viewed 222 times

If not do you have the Horizontal multi-sash window.
You could get close to it, but it only seems to have fixed sashes, so you would have to add opening lines.

window_horiz_multi.jpg (140.8 KiB) Viewed 222 times

Barry,yeah I don't have either of those options. so I just ended up using the slider that is 3 equal parts and noting it on the windows schedule. not ideal needless to say.
Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 7.52.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 7.52.51 PM.png (168.75 KiB) Viewed 222 times
Remember too that it is possible to create a custom window.
Create it from slabs in as much detail as you like and then save as a window library part.
It won't be parametric but you can schedule it as it will be a window.

See this HelpCenter article for a guide.

Hm... For some reason I don't remember having that option with the triple sash window previously, but I found it in AC22... Or maybe I was thinking of doors...
Hi Dave, and I hope everyone will read this :-)

This will be the second time in a month I'll have made a post that resolves a question like this using the SEARCH function of the library part dialogs. This is just basic functionality that everyone should know.

As Dave noted, the current US triple slider unfortunately forces all three sashes to be the same size.

But, entering Slider in the Window Settings dialog provides a list of downloadable window objects... and I've highlighted a triple slider in this screenshot. Note the globe at the lower right corner indicating that the object is not in a loaded library - but on the internet.

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 11.45.00 AM.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 11.45.00 AM.jpg (305.12 KiB) Viewed 173 times

Clicking the Download and Embed button does just that - downloads the library part (and any macros required for it to function) and places it in the project's Embedded Library, ready to use (and in fact, the default object for the current tool).

Here is the Window Settings dialog after the installation and setting the window to be 8' wide with two 2' sliding sashes and a 4' fixed center:

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 12.02.08 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 12.02.08 PM.jpg (252.44 KiB) Viewed 173 times

You'll see the correct appearance in the preview in the top right of the dialog. :-) This is basically the window that Barry mentioned in his post that is in his AUS library.

(You'll notice that this window actually has more features than listed in the search / description - there is an optional transom where each of the three transom sashes can have an operating function. Not sure why Graphisoft did not mention that in the library part description.)

For every tool that places objects... always use the Search function if you are not finding what you're looking for :-)

Karl Ottenstein wrote: Tue Apr 13, 2021 7:12 pm For every tool that places objects... always use the Search function if you are not finding what you're looking for :-)

Funny, I thought of this as well and searched for 'Sash'.
This window did not appear so I just assumed it wasn't there - which is why I didn't mention the search.

I just checked again and searching for '3-sash' or 'Sliding' works.
It seems 'Sash' was not added as a keyword and if a word is hyphenated, you must use the entire word with the hyphen.

Interestingly underscores do not need to be included.
I searched for 'Sora' and get all of the "M_Sora_......." windows.

So, when searching try using different words and even keep it generic (i.e. 'Window') to see as many matches as possible.

thanks so much for the feedback. for some reason I always search for other objects, but just forgot to do it with windows.