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Everything about using Libraries and Library Parts - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: How can I display a Transom above my Door?)

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You can think of it as a disclaimer or as a caution for paper scaling.
AC Layout Scale Bar.png
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When you think about it, scale bars themselves only really help when someone does not have a ruler and / or cannot do basic math, unless for some reason you have some weird scale...

I'm using a 'bodge' which feels like its a piece of simple code or automation away from working.

I've got a 100mm scale bar on layouts, which means its length is whatever scale minus zero - ie 1:50 would mean its 5m long. Its divided up to passively work for a number of scales.

The (moderate) pain is that for the set of drawings I just run through a drawing index typing in a scale bar layout property autotexted onto the layout (by looking at s collected scales field).

I couldn't find a way for expressions to work for layout properties, or it would be automated (eg lose, '1:' lose a zero add 'm' add @ [scale]).

Also the expression would have to be able to collect and act on the different scales on a layout.

Is there any way to automate it ?