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Everything about using Libraries and Library Parts - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: How can I display a Transom above my Door?)

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By Vitruvius
I've created a barrel vaulted roof which is comprised of:

BPRISM_ ... one item for the vaulted roof
CUTPLANE ... four items to trim the roof edges
CUTPOLY item to trim the roof
CUTPOLYA ...ten items for skylight holes in roof
CUTEND required to close the above cutting statements
CPRISM_ & ELLIPS ...ten items for the skylights

This GDL file renders fine etc., but it takes about 30-40 minutes to save the GDL whenever I make a change in the scripting. When saving it counts up to "Phase 20 of 4" in the Save Library Parts window. I've saved much longer and more complex scripts previously without this difficulty.

Has anyone had this happen? Is there a workaround to speed things up? Could it be the cutting elements which are bogging things down?
By tsturm
It would be helpful for others if you would add the type of system you are using to your profile.

Then others will have a clue to your system as the problem.

Im not saying it is. Just that it is VERY helpful to know as some problems can be with the type of system set up.

Once your part is saved, do you think this part makes your computer longer to render a view than when it is not a part of the rendering? Try to render the project as both hidden line and as picture with the object and without. This way you can tell if the part and its complexity is just going to take longer.

I have not had any problems saving out GDL objects, as in taking 30 minutes to do a save. Though I have not done much complex Library part creation yet in AC 8.1v1.

Others who read this site will help in this regard, but will need to know the version you are using and the system you are using.
By Vitruvius
I've enclosed the system profile below.

The real issue, however, is one of relativity. Why does a fairly simple GDL symbol take 30 minutes to save? Nothing, and I mean nothing, has ever bogged my system down like this before.

MAC G4 / 40 GB HD / 1 MB RAM / System 10.2.5
By tsturm

What version of ArchiCAD are you using?

I might be helpful if you just add this information to you profile as a signature.

Like mine.

This is not something I add to my message, but is done my the system for my.

Perhaps you could make a post on the GDL talk page to see if someone there might have an answer to your situation. stop by at