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Everything about using Libraries and Library Parts - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: How can I display a Transom above my Door?)

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By ashley
I try to use some model for current project. Someone told me that I can also use .3DS file. How do you put .3DS file into the library manager?
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By Matthew Lohden
AFAIK: The only way to get 3ds into the library is with an add-on that only works in ArchiCAD 7.0. It is called 3ds_in. It can be found in the Goodies folder (as I recall) and needs to be moved to: >Applications>ArchiCAD 7.0> Add-Ons>Import-Export

Once loaded, it is accessible in a menu which I think is called "Extras". I don't remember for sure and I don't have AC7 loaded right now.

This functionality should be available as a standard feature in File > GDL Objects > Open Object... Is this already in the wish list? If not, it should be. Even better would be drag and drop 3ds parts straight from the web.