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Everything about using Libraries and Library Parts - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: How can I display a Transom above my Door?)

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By Piotr Dobrowolski

I was experimenting with it. Works nicely - under the hood the request gets the perimeters (+surfaces of the edges) of all parts of the profile one by one and they could be put to almost all poliline driven commands (for full option the ones with the Material option defined for the faces).
The Tube command has its new version allowing the holes as the other commands as well.

I can send You an example object so you could sniff around :)

Best Regards,
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By LaszloNagy
You can check the default content for many of the Stair and Railing component types because many of them use Profiles. It could give you some ideas of how they should be implemented.
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By Hmooslechner
Thanks, Piotr Dobrowolski! Yes - i am very interrsted in Your code-samples.

To laszlonagy: I have spent just some time to look for it in the stair-components, but i didnt find it yet (so fast). - also, because its hidden in the subroutines in some external GDLs..

Why is it so hard for Graphisoft to create a "clean documentation" about such an overwhelming progress? Thats really hard to understand..

It seems that Graphisoft is trying to make it "as hard as possible" for little developers like me to understand their GDL-inventions...

Besides that - the new stair and railingtool is really an eye-opener! Thats very near to what i wished for Archicad for the last decade!
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By LaszloNagy

Use the "Open Object by Subtype" command of the "Edit GDL Library parts" Toolbar. Then open the following subtype:

General GDL Object>Model Element>Building Element>Design Stair>Stair 3D Component>Tread Component>Profiled Tread 21

The 3D Script of "Profiled Tread 21" object contains an example for the use of Profiles. Search for this section of the Script:
Code: Select all
There you will see that there are multiple REQUEST commands that request data about the Profile and its geometry defined in the Profile Manager. Commands like
Code: Select all
REQUEST{2} ("Profile_components"...
REQUEST ("Profile_default_geometry"...
REQUEST{3} ("Profile_component_info"...
For additional examples you can check any of those Stair or Railing subtypes that have "Profiled" in the name.

But I agree with you, some additional info would be very beneficial.
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By jp
Sad to say I'm still a little lost/disappointed after looking at the examples. I was hoping that when Graphisoft said the commands were upgraded to support profiles, that you would just drop a reference to ProfileID in the Tube command or whatever you are using to get the base polyline info. That would be a slick trick and I realize a lot of work for Graphisoft.

But given what they have provided, I'm still unclear as to how to get the geometry and put into a Tube or Tube{2}. If you have a simple code example that works, I would be most appreciative to have a look.
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By David Maudlin

Here is an example from Graphisoft with some comments in the script windows.

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By jp
Awesome! Thank you David
By lukaso
Has anyone tried to put a second or third Profile into the "profile_with_tube" script?
Sorry don't know which parameters need to be doubled.
I tried ..for i to ---next i and changing the just overwrites the surfaces...
Also a Gosub doesn't work that easy.....

Would be great if anyone could help....
Working on a window with a custom framing Element...