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Everything about GDL - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: I created an object that prints an error message in 3D all the time, please help!)

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By rob2218
I have a PLA a client sent me.
I'm in need of using that PLA as a Library Folder cause if I don't....I get the 'BLUE DOTS OF DEATH' in missing lines, objects, walls, etc...on and on.

My question is as follows:
1. How can I continue to use the PLA (cause I can't seem to NOT use it) but clean the file out so I do have access to the objects, linetypes..etc but NOT the layers, layer combos, etc.
2. If I bring in the new Library link as the PLA...will it bring in the layers and layer combos (I can't stand the layer combo and layer naming convention this fellow has adopted - won't name who's layer naming conventions they are cause I feel the individual who set up this architects layer naming convention has "some" very terrific tutorials but his layer and STRICT adherence to HIS standards drive me bonkers)...
3. How can I pull out "some" of the objects, information out so's I can have a clean PLA to link up to other projects?

thanks for the suggestions.

BIM Design
As always with questions like this ... just try it! You don't have to save the results.

You will find that loading a PLA as a library will in fact load only the library parts... because no library can cause layers etc to be added. (Well, not 100% true... some attributes can be created by a master script, but highly unlikely a PLA from a client would do that.)

It doesn't make sense to load the entire PLA that contains the model as a library though... when you open the PLA you should have an option to save the library to a folder. Do that and then load that library folder (project library) as you move forward... cleaning up the objects in that folder as needed.

If working with a PLA, don't open, work with it, and then re-save as a PLA. The PLA is an archive format - not a intended as a working format.

This unpacking of a PLA is a really fundamental AC skill that everyone should know how to do... since creating a PLA of a project when it is finished is also a fundamental thing every office should do in order to archive everything required to restore the project.
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By rob2218
Thanks Karl
That makes sense.
Although.....each and every time I've tried to save ANY PLN to a PLA, I get the same message...."Some items will not be saved...Save Anyway?"......

I mean, at that point, what choice does the user have?