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Everything about GDL - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: I created an object that prints an error message in 3D all the time, please help!)

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Hi there,

Long story short, IFC_subtype & IFC_predefinedtype are two Graphisoft's standard predefined integer parameters ArchiCAD's the IFC add-on (textually extracted from the GDL Reference Guide)

In the manuals the IFC_subtype values are defined within the guides, but there is nothing about IFC_predefinedtype although they're standard paramater in MEP GDL subtype (haven't checked them all).

Does anyone have IFC_predefinedtype values definition ??
Ok, I contacted @Mario Saco and advised me to consult ArchiCAD Standard Library ... (Good call :idea: )

Which I did, and I (to Graphisoft team - correct me if I´m wrong), I found correlation between ifc_predefinedtype and the index of the enumerated subtype.

So please Graphisoft team ... confirm if my assumption is true !!

And if that was the case, please revise all ArchiCAD Standard MEP objects that have "Balancing Dumper" in its name, sine in its GDL script the pre_definedtype = 11, while in the IFC schema for the IfcDamperTypeEnum it's in the 10th position .