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Everything about GDL - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: I created an object that prints an error message in 3D all the time, please help!)

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By Radim
Hello everyone,

After I switched to ArchiCAD 23 I found that exception for Level 0 does not work in Sections.
In ArchiCAD 21 there was not such a problem with it - as you can see in picture.
Level 0.jpg
So, is there any way to render the slice properly?

Thank you in advance and have a nice day.
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By LaszloNagy
How are these geometries modeled? Slabs, Walls? Are you suing Composites, Complex Profiles?
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By LaszloNagy
I see. I still do not understand what you mean by
exception for Level 0

Are you referring to Graphic Overrides? I see on the screenshot that a Graphic Override is applied.
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By Lingwisyer
Given the Layers Dropdown I would assume he is talking about the Intersection Group.
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By Barry Kelly
I think Radim is referring to the Intersection Priority number in the layer settings.
When set to zero, nothing in that layer will automatically trim.

This won't apply to objects though, as they only belong to one layer anyway.
So you need a GDL solution to avoid the merging.

I have had mixed results when to prisms touch.
Sometimes they merge and sometimes the don't.
I would have to experiment to find the cause and solution.

The easiest solution though is to use different materials.
If they need to look the same just duplicate the material with a new name.

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By Radim
Thank you all.
Yes, this is the intersection of layers. I am solving something that worked in earlier versions and does not work in the new version 23. Duplication of materials will not solve this.
Level 0.jpg
It is about preserving the contours of individual elements without merging.
If the elements have different LEVEL number, adjacent elements have common contours.
If the elements have same LEVEL number> 0, adjacent elements do not have common contours.
If the elements have same LEVEL number = 0,
In older versions of ArchiCAD, adjacent elements have common contours.
In ArchiCAD 23, adjacent elements do not have common contours.

Thank you very much
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By Lingwisyer
What happens when you turn on True Lineweights?
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By Barry Kelly
So just to be clear, these are GDL objects?

If so they can be scripted to have their own section fill parameters.
If this is done and they have the same fill, then there will be no join as same fill blend together.
This is two objects, I have stacked one on the other and cut them in section.


If the fills are not scripted in the objects then you can set the fills in the object settings.
If they are scripted you can still override the section fills as well.


However something strange is happening here.
It seem the screen zoom % can have an effect.

section_fill_2.jpg (18.42 KiB) Viewed 425 times

Turning true line weight on shows the line is really there.
But then display order comes into effect as well.
If they are all in there default order they should appear OK.
But in my example here, if I bring the lower object forward (regardless of the fill), half the line is hidden - even though it is not a thin line.
If I bring the top object forward - all is good and the line is full.

section_fill_4.jpg (13.79 KiB) Viewed 425 times

Of course if the override fills are the same, they will blend with no line.

So short version of the above, turn true line weight on and zoom in an out to see if the lines are there.

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By Radim
Hi Barry,
Thank you very much for your work.

The problem is:
In older versions of ArchiCAD I set the Layers Intersection Group to zero and though the override fills are the same, they will not blend and line will remain. ArchiCAD 23 have not exception for Level 0, for the Layers Intersection Group.

Thank you for the suggestions but i need a system solution. Maybe i return to ArchiCAD 22.

Screen zoom % is probably a hardware problem.

Thank you and have a nice day