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By alexsks
Hi all.

I'm trying to create a window with an inside casing and a board. But the board makes the bottom part of the casing disappear. Is there a simple way to have both board and internal casing?

Seems like it could be a common problem, and I couldn't find an answer, not sure if I miss something basic.

Thanks in advance!
Ah, I should have said there's a reveal. So it's a "normal-resting" board, I attach a simplified pic.

I use "Horizontal Multi-Sash Window 23". I have a vague memory there was a relevant option in an older version/window, I can't find anything useful now.

I guess I could increase the thickness of the board to imitate the missing bottom casing. But then it would be red, the surface wouldn't match.

On the outside, there's an identical situation but it shows up ok, the red sill doesn't affect the bottom casing.
Clipb.jpg (32.75 KiB) Viewed 210 times
So to be clear, you want the casing to continue across under the sill board?

I don't use those windows so I am not all that familiar with them but I just had a look.
It seems if you turn on the external sill it does not cut off the bottom external casing.
However when you turn on the internal board, it does cut off the internal bottom casing.
I have no idea why.

I don't see any way to overcome this.
All I can suggest is to not have both the internal casing and the board on at the same time.
Have just one and model the other separately (easiest to just model the board with a slab).

I am actually dealing with the exact same request in my Infinite Openings object. So I can provide a solution for you but it would require you to subscribe to Infinite Openings:
By alexsks
Yes, it's strange that the outside equivalent works, I was hoping there could be some simple gdl parameter that could fix the inside too. In the absence of that, a slab sounds good, thanks.

For this project, in many openings I insert a second window, which is a sliding insect screen (a H/V sash grid) between the proper window and its rolling shutter (haven't found a way to avoid a second window in this setting) so I also tried to have the internal casing on the insect screen window, when there is one, and it looks good.

Infinite Openings looks amazingly capable, perhaps a bit overkill for the simple usage I wanted here, but thanks, I'll keep it in mind for future needs.