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Our hole office made the switch to the new AMD Ryzen processors. We are very happy with the performance but have one problem. One of our machine is a Threadripper 1950X. The rendering performance is just brutal. But when we select the zone settings every the performance is sluggish. The menu loads slow and you can see it building up. Sometimes even the blue loading circle shows up. Has anyone experienced similar issues?

What I tried already:
- Different pln
- Different user
- Deleting user profile
- Reinstalling windows
- Newest BIOS and chipset
- Ryzen Master Tools:
-Deactivating 8 out of 16 cores
- Numa mode

The only thing I could observe is that it uses only one Core on Intel, Ryzen and Threadripper.
I am not an architect and English is not my native language. Hope you get the gist of it.
Greetings James