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From what I've read... seems good when printing from the roll, BUT
Is it easy to load precut sheets?
- 24"x 36" (D in the U.S.)
- 18"x24" (C)
- 11"x17" (B)

Do you have to remove the roll to do it?
I assume there is no way to load multiple sheets of B size. Yes?

Thanks for any input.
We have this printer, it is best used with the roll. It can print on sigle sheets (we used it that way when our Epson A3 printer broke down) you dont have to remove the roll for sheet printing, however you have to load each sheet individualy, and press release lever, once it is done. Basically you have to be standing beside babysiting it. It is okay if you need just few sheets, or in emergency, but not for regular use.
Good to know it's not impossible.
Thank you Skawagon