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I would try re-installing the License Manager Tool. ... T/mac.html

Then run it to see if it can find the license.

The image you show implies to me they are trying to use a software license.
But you mentioned they have a codemeter license.

If they have a software license then I think it should have been returned to the license pool before updating the OS.
So maybe Archicad thinks it is a new machine and can no longer find the license.
It needs to be retrieved from the pool, and if it was never sent back there and is no longer available on the machine you as the local retailer should have the resources to retrieve the licence.

If they do indeed have a silver metallic codemeter USB license, then why is Archicad asking for a software license.

I would say contact your local distributor / support person, but I am sure you have already asked yourself these question. :wink:

Maybe a complete un-install and re-install Archicad.

It's working.
We re-installed AC22 again and installed latest license manager tool which sir has sent.

Finally it worked with this,
Re-installing the codemeter driver for mac,

Then, when installing, in dialog box we have to tick the Kernel extension, then install and
Select the Security and Privacy
Click the Allow button next to the System software developer “WIBU-SYSTEM AG” was blocked from loading message. Then restart the machine. The codemeter key will work.

Thank you,

Glad you have got it working. :D

I am not familiar with Macs at all so didn't really understand your solution.
But thanks for posting back here with it so others can see it in the future.