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By Erika Epstein
Any one using it?
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By amonle
Hi. I have never felt an urge to buy an iPad until the iPad pro. It really is a fantastic device ...

- bright, sharp, fantastic screen
- fast
- the keyboard is surprisingly pleasant to use
- apps to definitely try: BIMx Pro, Bluebeam Revu, Trace, PlanGrid, autocad 360 (yes, that too)
- the pencil feels very natural and is very responsive - so the promo videos are telling the truth

- the pencil - the front end works great but I just can't over the other end - no 'eraser' function like a Wacom, really awful idea to take off a cap (which will get lost) and plug in to the iPad like a tadpole tail which I spend the whole time waiting to break off, especially if the iPad is propped up in some way - really, very surprised that these got through an Apple design process
- some apps look 'zoomed in' because of the increase in screen size but I suppose this will improve in the next round of updates

I am still to try Remote Desktop to Windows and Mac for a potential 'remote desktop' computer experience

I have no problem with its large size. It has now replaced my 11" MacBook Air as my portable device and has a very similar footprint
By Oana Nedeianu
I am thinking of buying a iPad Pro as my mobile device, will I be able to work on Archicad 19 on it?

Thank you.
By Oana Nedeianu
I am a student in urban planning and architecture. Next year I will have to travel often for school and I was thinking of purchasing an ipad Pro as my mobile device instead of an macbook pro. However I am unsure if I will be able to work on Archicad on it. If anyone use is it, please advice.

Thank you
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By ejrolon
Oana Nedeianu wrote:I am thinking of buying a iPad Pro as my mobile device, will I be able to work on Archicad 19 on it?

Thank you.
No. AC is not designed to run in iPad.
By Oana Nedeianu
Thanks, I was happy for a little while that I would spend half the money:-)
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By LaszloNagy
Just a bit more info: the iPad Pro is based on a totally different processor from the Intel/AMD processors of PCs. The iOS is a totally different OS from MacOS. So GRAPHISOFT would basically have to port the whole of ARCHICAD to iOS for ARCHICAD to run on iPad Pros.
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By stewart
It’s ok with me!
port away Graphisoft.
They will have to do it someday anyway.
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By LaszloNagy
What will be interesting is when Apple starts using their own processors instead of Intel processors.
I am wondering if that will make it easier to develop the same program for both desktop/laptop (macOS) and phone/tablet (iOS).
We will see.
By DGSketcher
I'm wondering if this is why the routine iMac updates haven't happened this year...