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Hardware specific issues - computers, graphics cards, mice/input devices, system benchmarks, protection key issues, etc.

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Not a current MacBook Air, but I tried AC20 on my wife’s air and Archicad was all but unusable for any of my projects. I suspect insufficient RAM as well as no dedicated GPU were the main culprits.
The MacBook and MacBook Air are really only suitable for browsing and office suite type programs.
For content creation you really need a workstation, to use a car analogy it’s a bit like buying a performance car (Archicad) running it on regular unleaded with all wheels replaced with space saver spares and the handbrake permanently applied (MacBook).

FWIW, if I undock the 3D window and resize it down a little bit on my 2013 iMAC, instead of running at nearly the full 2.5k resolution, that speeds things up a bit when working in 3D. Not ideal, but might help on underpowered notebooks too. Provided it has a 4k screen or similar. It's just a lot of pixels to push on a modest GPU.
We use it on one MBAir - but not very frequently. Generally I would not recommend a MBAir for ARCHICAD work, mainly due to the limited Graphics Card and RAM available.

Btw. the main problems we experience are mostly with macOS 10.15 - best to avoid it if you can.

For more details on Apple Hardware have a look here >
I've most recently used AC23 on my 2014 MacBook Air when I work remotely away from my 2019 iMac. Not a speed demon experience, but very workable.

I just installed AC24 but have yet to use it. Most likely will do so today.