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What are people doing to use Apple Magic Mouse with ArchiCAD? The Magic Mouse preference items that showed up in the Work Environment options a few versions ago don't quite get me where I want to be.

My preferred configuration is one-finger "scroll" (as if the mouse had a wheel) to zoom, and two-finger press like a middle button for zoom. I've used Magic Prefs to get this config quite successfully, but it hasn't been supported for awhile, and it now makes from rough scrolling in web brokers and other apps. I would like to get the behavior I want natively: just with mac preferences and ArchiCAD preferences.

Is anyone doing that?
I am quite happy with the default MM settings, the bit that has troubled me for years is the conflict with the ALT key switching between zoom and pan which also toggles copy. This is hard coded and GS don't seem to have a solution to change that action to a different key. I have to make a serious effort to check when dragging things about that the copy mode is on or off as needed for the action and hasn't changed mode.