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By Steve Jepson
It sure would be nice if there were an ArchiCAD Benchmark file to test performance with.
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By andrejpapesa
I understand there used to be one. Wonder what happened. viewtopic.php?p=13511
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By andrejpapesa
Mr. Steve Jepson regarding your thought of having ArchiCAD Benchmark file

From what I can see Revit has got something alike called RFO Benchmark but to my opinion that still can be extended greatly.
That is something that would benefit greatly to users but to Graphisoft as well on multiple fronts.
However that needs to be done and made primarily from the people who are already making Archicad better every day. There are numerous bench tools especially when it comes to rendering. I have not seen one that would have multiple categories benched in Archicad so it really does show you deeply how things work. Many users seem to have similar point of view search.php?keywords=benchmark

If you read my posts you will understand that I am not, was not bang for the buck of highest priority go for guy when it comes to this stuff. From the youngest age I showed leaning toward making surroundings better soothing and from the youngest age I was infatuated with technology. That, the fact that my fantasy was always wild in conjunction high enthusiasm and wanting to do good in the world highly influenced me to come to this waters. Anyway post that I wrote is giving you a choice to adapt your personal view on the marvelous choice of workstation hardware we have commercially available today. ... e%C5%A1a-/
For what it's worth on one account my suggestion was to see to exploit double precision on capable graphic cards. I noticed that Archicad could benefit from that when I was doing (in draft mode only) one larger project where I combined that experience with what's written here ... om-origin/
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By Steve Jepson
andrejpapesa wrote:
Tue Jun 26, 2018 9:45 am
Mr. Steve Jepson regarding your thought of having ArchiCAD Benchmark file......
Thanks, I like it :)