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Lingwisyer wrote:
Fri Aug 17, 2018 7:20 am
GeNOS wrote:
Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:28 am
Erwin Edel wrote:
Mon Jul 30, 2018 7:57 am
By lasting you mean battery life?

I have had wired logitech mice for as long as I remember and they all last for years and years before anything breaks. The last one I replaced because the little 'feet' started to peel off after 10 years of daily use.

hey, lasting as in my thumb wears a hole through surface of the mouse. has happened on every logitech iv owned.

Wow. I am kind of curious to how that looks. The worst I have had is the left click started to play up, but that was after 5 years of heavy usage. In regards to the thumb, I have only had the texture wear off as that is rubberised over a hard plastic.

How do you hold your mouse? Claw? Have you thought of looking into getting a mouse designed specifically for your hold style?

late reply better than no reply :lol:

I hold it normally as far as i know?

Been looking at mice on and off for ages now and finally just bought another the same as i like them so much over anything else i have used/seen. (3rd or 4th one now, all have worn through in the same spot over about 3-4 year period.
Note the pad is about 5mm thick that its worth through and its even wearing through the concealed button below, as well as the hard plastic below the thumb scroll wheel (which i dont use)
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By Lingwisyer
Wow. Would not have expected that from a palm grip. Guess it would be due to the gesture button not really having any structure beneath it so there is unforeseen pressure on the curved section when you press straight down on the curve rather than pressing the outer edge. Though you say every Logitech you have owned, which other than the MX Master series, still surprises me. I have used their G500 and G502 series for many year of heavy use with no issue.

Have you tried the newer MX Master 3? Slight redesign which removed the flappy gesture button surface and a shift of MB4 and MB5 to be more ergonomic.

Thing is i dont use any of the buttons or scroll etc where the thumb is. so my thumb is pretty much stationary the whole time. Iv only had this issue on this model as iv only use the same one each time. (i like its size and shape etc..)
I didnt know about the s3,. i just looked it up and probably should have got that. too late now. :?