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Hardware specific issues - computers, graphics cards, mice/input devices, system benchmarks, protection key issues, etc.

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By jaisonpanikar
I'm currently building a PC which shall be used fir ArchiCAD.
What CPU should i go for? i7/9 or Xeon?
If an image renders a little faster i dont care, workflow is more important.
The PC might be used for gaming as well, but if Xeon is better for ArchiCAD then i'll build a second one solely for Gaming.
Specific models would be appreciated, if possible. Thanks!
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By Barry Kelly
Post moved.
Please look at the section headings and descriptions and post in the relevant one.

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By mikas
With those spesifications you simply would look for the best single core performance. You would still want some cores too, because ArchiCAD can use them for background updating the tabs, and I think the 2D model view calculation might be able to multithread too nowadays, if I remember it right. Not sure.

The i5, i7 or i9 series would be just fine. The latest desktop i5's are now multithreaded too like desktop i7 and i9's are.

And those latest Ryzens and Threadrippers would be fast enough too of course. They are cheaper/performance than intels chips today. Just read though that intel will cut prices too, to compete with AMD.

Don't forget other parts either; A fast big enough NVMe (1TB), enough speedy RAM (32GB and up), a capable GPU (with 8GB VRAM at least).

If you go with Xeon and price is of no matter, then HP end Dell offer great configurations up to tens of thousands.