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By Narska
I have the buttons on my 3d connexion mapped as key board strokes but they perform seemingly random zooming functions.

Any idea how and where a problem might be?

Mac - Archicad 22
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By Szabolcs Mikó
Hi! This is known issue on Mac. Fixes have been released but unfortunately sometimes they do return after a driver update. Could you specify the build your 3D connexion driver is on?
By Narska
Has any of this been addressed by anyone? Since my issue started 3D connexion issued an update, Mac issues an update, and Archicad had an update. Still same problem.

Should I just upgrade to a newer space mouse?
By Narska
I got the newest space mouse pro thinking it would solve my problems but alas still bad.

Half the buttons map properly and half give me the same problem.

I contacted 3d Connexion tech support and they have replicated the problem, but have not yet provided a solution.

This seems to be a specific archicad issue so Im going to contact Graphisoft tech support next.

Prediction: pain.
By Narska
UPDATE: I was told by Graphisoft they would resolve this. They never did. I followed up but got no response. Very disappointing. Is the space mouse such a niche that this does not matter to them?