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Hey. So few years ago I built a PC with 6 core i7-5820k, 16 Gb RAM and GPU R9 280X. 2 days ago my GPU died, and I need to buy new one. Since I could easily work on as old GPU as R9 280X (and I was pretty OK with its performance), I don't think it's worth investing in expensive GPU like 1070 GTX, especially if I'm planning to upgrade my PC in 2-3 years.
All in all, I would still love to hear your suggestions. Which GPU would you recommend? I mostly use Archicad 21 with cinerender engine.
Here is a chart which lists all GPUs based on their Performance/Price Ratio:

You could start down from the top (which is best Performance/Price Ratio) and find the one that has the price you are willing to spend.
So, for example, the GeForce GTX 1660 is around 220 bucks, which is a bit less than 200 euros, so that sounds like a good choice.
The Radeon RX 590 and 580 have a bit better Performance/Price Ratio.