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By Steve Jepson
Dump the Quadro ?? I don't think so! Quadro graphics cards still have (arguably at least) the highest quality, durability, and performance you can get in a Windows OS Workstation for use with ArchiCAD and/or any Rendering/Animation/VR program. ... kstations/ ... struction/ ... -?x=2M1M8D

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By Lingwisyer
If you need the reliability and / or huge amounts of vRam, consumer cards are just not going to cut it...
By vortextheory
sure if you need massive vram,
but for a lot of people I'd say they don't need it, or even come close to maxing out the GPU vram.

I still refer back to the floating point performance,

a $1000(aud) Rtx 2080 , has almost as good single and double performance numbers
then a
$3500 Quadro rtx Rtx 5000
and beats a $1500 Quadro rtx 4000
By vortextheory
give me one example where a gpu with ECC ram has actually saved you time or a job ?
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By Steve Jepson
vortextheory wrote:
Sun Sep 29, 2019 1:21 pm
forgot to ask, give me one example where a gpu with ECC ram has actually saved you time or a job ?

Rendering. I use a GPU and 64GB of ECC every day and would not mind having another 64GB of ram. Twinmotion for one example. Lumion, Maxwell.... I use these programs frequently. It saves me a lot of time. It's not efficient to use some of these programs without the GPU/CUDA Cores.
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By Erwin Edel
I have a cheap laptop at home with a gaming GPU from nVidia, I find the driver updating process with the gaming app fairly annoying compared to the by now very dated quadro K2000 GPU in my windows workstation. It still runs fine, still supported for WIN10. Not good for the twinmotion renderings and such, but built to last.

That said, I'm sure a gaming GPU will do fine for archicad, as I think many people have pointed out on this forum before.
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By Lingwisyer
I would not have thought that ECC RAM is worth the cost for your average GPU rendering machine. If there is a memory error, does it kill the render or just result in a render flaw? For high end video rendering I guess it might save you from a corrupt compile, but for stills, does it save that much? Feel like more than doubling your
RAM would be more cost effective / saving than the error correction.

By vortextheory
to add fuel to the fire,
the RTX 2080 (now old, released a YEAR ago)
don't even appear (or haven't been tested) in AC 22 reccomendations
let alone the NEW SUPER duper cards or TITAN !
you would think these recomendations would be updated soon, considering the partership with UNREAL and Twinmotion requiring RAY TRACING !!! DER
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By Erwin Edel
Partnership or not, that's still 3rd party software, so you would more logically look up a list of recommendations from that software?

For ArchiCAD unless you are pushing a lot more polygons from switching from version to version there seems little reason to upgrade the GPU.

A new 4K or 5K screen would be a reason, but running ArchiCAD on HD screen doesn't require much. At least I have no issues with my old Nvidia K2000.