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I was wondering the same on the 32 vs 64 gb RAM, especially since it adds another £360. We'll be running the MB Pros docked to 27 inch monitors though, so I guess we might be more prone to some heavy multitasking.

UK apple stores run a two week grace period on all purchases, if it's one of the 'off the shelf' configs.

So we're looking at trialing their top off the shelf model next week and seeing how we get on - which is 2.4Ghz 8 core i9, 32Gb DDR4, AMD 5500M w/ 8Gb, and 2TB SSD.
I have maxed it out my 16 GB with SketchUp, I haven't used AC enough yet to know. I probably won't be doing too many video renderings, since I don't do too many renderings currently. Sounds like 64 GB will be overkill, just not sure if it will be in 4 years.

Some more benchmarks for those looking at the new 16" MacBook Pro, both articles from BareFeats (a user-supported site):

This one is particularly interesting for estimating what the GPU-only TwinMotion performance might be like, where the GPU-only Blender app is about 3x faster with 8GB of memory on the 5500M vs 4GB.

This second one uses the same machines (medium and high-end) and shows only modest improvement - but the summary is interesting (pending more tests) suggesting that increased memory gave a bigger performance boost than the processor speed alone should have given (16 GB RAM vs 32 GB RAM; 4G video memory vs 8 GB; 1TB SSD vs 2 TB):

BareFeats: "This follow-up article features four Adobe apps and one game. The 2.4GHz model exhibited an advantage ranging from 6% to 14%. With only a 4% CPU core frequency gain (and 4% Turbo Boost gain) over the 2.3GHz model, the faster times could be coming from the increase in main memory and GPU video memory."