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By fobos8
Hi guys

I need to get a graphics card for my new PC (Ryzen 3700x, 32GB ram).
The GTX1660ti 6GB seems to be one of the few reasonably priced cards around at £289.
The RTX2060 6GB is £389

Does anyone have any direct experience of using these cards with Archicad?

Are they likely to work without problems?

Many thanks, Andrew
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By Lingwisyer
We have two 1660Ti cards here and we have had no issues. AC does not really utilise them.

There was some news somewhere regarding various real-time rendering softwares utilising RTX cores in their future releases, so if you happen to use one, the RTX card would give you a better prolonged performance into the years.

By fobos8
"We have two 1660Ti cards here and we have had no issues. AC does not really utilise them."

Thanks Ling, what do you mean when you write "AC does not really utilise them"?

Cheers, Andrew
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By Lingwisyer
As far as I know, the GPU is only used for hardware acceleration which is basically only related to the display on your monitor, not the calculations behind what is drawn. Single thread performance is where you will get the most gains in AC.
By fobos8
Thanks Ling

Based on the current version of Archicad would there be any advantage to me getting a RTX2060 over a GTX1660ti?

The GTX1660ti would leave £100 in my wallet!
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By Lingwisyer
If that is all that you are using, and plan to be using, probably not.