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By Richard Morrison
I bought a Wacom Intuos Pro, thinking it might be faster and more pleasurable than a mouse, as well as easier on the wrist. It works properly, but I haven't been able to develop the speed of mouse input. (yet)

Does anyone have any tips or experiences to share in how to set up and use a tablet with a pen? Is this experiment doomed to failure? Or do I just need to tough it out for awhile?
By Jacques Toerien
I have an Intuos (3D) Medium tablet and I only use it in Affinity Photo. I tried using it in ArchiCAD but I was just so much slower. I may try again, I feel like there is a trick to this pen vs. mouse business...It does feel much better on the wrist but getting the right / middle click set up is a pita.
By DGSketcher
I know it isn't the same but I have an apple desktop trackpad which I got with similar intent of distributing wrist wear & tear. I found it way slower than the mouse, I don't know if we have evolved autonomous mouse brain function or the it may simply be the click-hold-drag function feels difficult on a touch surface. I still use the trackpad for simple screen navigation, but hardly ever touch it for CAD work.
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By ispyridis
Hi, I have been using intuos tablets since 1997, now I'm on a cintiq companion. A tip I have to suggest is to raise the cursor snap range in work environment.
By Jacques Toerien
Going to give this a go again in the next two weeks. I don't like giving up!! :)