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By despoinio
Recently my husband built his new pc and his old cpu that is perfectly working is available to use.The cpu is AMD FX 6300.Can i built temporarily with this cpu a new pc with a good graphic card and memories in order to work with archicad 22?which graphic card would you recommend?the plan is to built a new pc with that cpu and its motherboard and change graphic card and memories and after a couple of months to change cpu and motherboard.
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By Lingwisyer
Any memory you get to use with the AMD FX 6300 will be DDR3 whilst your future upgrade will most likely be DDR4... The GPU should be fine across generations. The motherboard will dictate your CPU and RAM.

By despoinio
yes but will archicad 22 run properly?which graphic card would me most suitable for that system?
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By LaszloNagy
Here are recommended graphics cards for AC22:

Also, the recommended system requirements: ... ents/AC22/
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By Lingwisyer
You do not have the old motherboard and RAM? I would keep those and just upgrade the GPU and if you do not already have one, add a SSD to boot from for now if you are wanting to stagger a build.