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Hardware specific issues - computers, graphics cards, mice/input devices, system benchmarks, protection key issues, etc.

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@ matjashka
If you like the iMAC as an OS, Linus Tech Tips on Youtube have a video on how to run a MacOS on Any PC

And if you want to access two OS one PC

1. Microsoft Windows is adopting Linux, for the time being
Lingwisyer wrote:
Fri Feb 28, 2020 2:19 am
Buy a Mac Pro, though that is double the price at best...

I just wanted to mention that we will most likely end up with new iMacs, and thank you all for your input.

Before I let this thread die, here's a video I just stumbled upon today. It's a quite brutal review of the new Mac Pro, but nothing they say is unexpected - the computer is only as good as the software it runs.