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Perhaps you will find this useful for centering a single drawing on a sheet.

There's a hotspot in the center of the layout, a little blue plus sign. But if you're like me, the title block on the right is wider than the binding space on the left, so the center point isn't actually in the center of the usable area.

Solution: Use a Master grid that is one cell wide and one cell high. Set the margins to match your usable area. Set up the numbering so the single drawing is called '1' or whatever your standard is. There's a detectable point in the center of every grid cell, and this point in the one big cell gives the center of the usable layout.
gridcenter.png (1.2 KiB) Viewed 6787 times
I usually put the hotspots on the Master

As James said, the titleblock reduces the usable area. Therefore, the center hotspot is in the middle of the usable area - now in 10 you can use Special Snap points for this, AT LAST! - and from this hotspot, you can go on to create midpoint placeholders for four, eight, any number of frawings to be placed on the sheet.

Excellent one, James! Goes to Tips&Tricks right now!