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By Todd Cochrane

Has anyone got any documentation about commands that are exposed for the IFC Add-on ?

I want to save as IFC from my Add-on , is there a better way to do this? Am I barking up the wrong tree?Or just "barking"? :roll:

Kind of frustrated with lack of information , there is an example in the API documentation of how to ask DWX Input Output (or what ever its called) add-on to 'save as' . But I can n't see any documentation of the commands exposed for that Add-on either.

So given that IFC is ment to be used for interoperability - how do I ask ArchiCAD to save as IFC from my Add-0n -

Any hints would just be fantatic :)
By GKiss
Hello Todd,

You can download the newest IFC add-on from the next URL:

If you install it you can find IFC user's guide; "IFC_Guide_2xEd2_v3p5.pdf" in the "<ArchiCAD folder>/ArchiCAD Documentation" folder

Anyway it is recommended to download the last IFC add-on from the above URL because the IFC add-on in ArchiCAD package is 1/2 year old and we corrected some bugs in the newer version.